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School Tools helps manage the day-to-day internal operations of Texas schools. School Tools includes a chain of command approval process and extensive daily operational modules. Districts using Ascender will appreciate School Tools since School Tools was designed to complement Ascender by offering management for resources other than business finance and student records.

School Tools was developed from an insider's perspective and its creator is a long-tenured director of informational technology for a Texas public school. School Tools simply works by working simply. It is all substance and no fluff. School administrators and staff members are not looking for applications that add to their workload. School Tools vastly simplifies many of the burdensome operations within schools and provides accurate, real-time data for regular audits.

School Tools is intuitive and requires little or no training after initial configuration. School Tools is reliable and data is securely backed up daily into the cloud.

Introduction to School Tools
School Tools - Short Demo (17 min)
School Tools - Long Demo (62 min)
Configuring School Tools (PDF)

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